Film Production

Films have immense power to speak to an audience. We can take a promising idea and nurture it until it blooms into a beautiful work of art that inspires, provokes, and educates. As a content creation and film production company, we have the privilege to work with top brands, corporations, and organizations to create visually stunning and thought-provoking works for a myriad of applications including cinema, TV broadcast, online and social media, and OOH display.

Full Film Production Services

Whether it’s using animation, motion graphics, live-action footage or a mixed-media approach, we turn visions into reality, always choosing to do what best serves the story you want to tell. We provide end-to-end production services covering everything that is needed to take the project from concept and storyboard to screen. With seasoned directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, editors, and designers on our team, your film is in excellent hands.

Film Production Agency in Asia

Based in agency offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, our imaginations and creativity have never been confined by location or industry. Throughout the years we’ve worked with global brands across sectors to create original short films that reach worldwide audiences – we go where the story takes us. Let’s collaborate.


You & Us.

We come together to create engagement, drive demand and inspire action around your brand.

At Carbon, the creative bond we forge with you is greater than the sum of its parts. Join us!