Copy & Script Writing

An eloquent script can stir the hearts of your audience; the right words can paint pictures and entice action. Artistic visuals supported by effective copy can bring home the message you want to communicate with conviction and confidence. Carbon works with brands in Hong Kong, Singapore, and around the world across a range of industries to write compelling scripts and stories that move and inspire.

Video Scriptwriting Services

Keeping in mind your brand’s unique tone-of-voice and messaging, we collaborate to pen a video script that reflects authenticity to your brand. Each word and sentence should speak to your audience with clarity and honesty. With well-informed insight into your brand and your audience, we write copy that will resonate with your viewers.

Copywriting and Video Production

We can support copywriting needs to supplement any type of video, be it animations, motion graphics, or live-action video and film.


We pride ourselves on our positive, can-do attitude, making brands’ lives easier by delivering creative excellence efficiently. Whether it’s local, regional, or global, we tailor our approach to suit each client’s unique needs, offering a consistently exceptional experience.


So let’s get moving….