Character Design Hong Kong & Singapore

Character Design & Illustration

Tell unforgettable stories with custom characters and illustrations that echo your one-of-a-kind brand personality. Unique mascots stand out in the crowd and give your audience something to connect with. With creative discernment we design and bring to life bespoke illustrations and characters that embody your brand. We work with brands in Hong Kong, Singapore and around the world to conceive creative strategies that are memorable and moving.

Bespoke Character Design

Characters can personify your audience, helping them see themselves in your brand. Fuelled by a deep understanding of your brand we design characters, from their features and clothing, to their movements and expressions that authentically capture and communicate your story. Custom characters can be done in 2D or 3D to best match our collective creative vision.

Brand Character Animation

Custom brand characters and mascots can be animated and used for branding and marketing materials across platforms and mediums. Fun GIFs, looped animations, and AR/VR filters can enhance your social media strategy and raise brand awareness; full animations can communicate brand values and positioning; or have characters introduce a new product – the possibilities are endless, and we can discover them together.

Custom Illustration Services

Custom brand illustrations ensure that all your branding materials and elements are standardized and communicate a unified concept. Our creative team of illustrators and designers can tailor-make 2D or 3D illustrations for your brand advertising, communications, or events whether for seasonal or evergreen applications.



We pride ourselves on our positive, can-do attitude, making brands’ lives easier by delivering creative excellence efficiently. Whether it’s local, regional, or global, we tailor our approach to suit each client’s unique needs, offering a consistently exceptional experience.


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