Podcasting, Sound Design & Engineering

Draw your audience deeper into the visual world we create together with quality sound design. Every layer of sound builds up each scene as it unfolds, shaping a fully immersive and emotional viewing experience for your audience. With faultless attention to detail, we design unforgettable soundscapes that support your storytelling, elevating each video we make with creative and exemplary skill each step of the way.

From our offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, we work with clients around the world to deliver excellent sound engineering work as part of our end-to-end production solutions.

Music & Sound Effects

Upbeat and fun, grand and moving, or somber and serious, music and sound effects greatly influence the ambience of a video or film. We source or produce music and sound effects that add depth and character, and complement the motions and visuals on screen; we are passionate about making sure every element unites into a symphony of sight and sound.

Video Audio Editing

More than just finding the perfect song for a video, sound design for videos is multilayered. Each layer comes together – background music, ambient noise, sound effects and dialogue or voice overs – to build a cohesive auditory experience. Audio mixing ensures that each layer can be heard clearly and blends seamlessly together.


We pride ourselves on our positive, can-do attitude, making brands’ lives easier by delivering creative excellence efficiently. Whether it’s local, regional, or global, we tailor our approach to suit each client’s unique needs, offering a consistently exceptional experience.


So let’s get moving….