Oceans Tomorrow - Stan Shea

The Brief

National Geographic commissioned Carbon to create a series of vignettes for their Oceans Tomorrow series that raise awareness of the ongoing decimation of Hong Kong’s marine life. Each vignette was to bring the story of a National Geographic Explorer based in the city to the forefront, sharing their unwavering commitment to driving positive change and rejuvenating the intricate eco-system that allows underwater life to flourish.

Our Solution

Using innovative land, air, and sea production tools we were able to capture life from the three primary planes on which all life exists. We catalogued the duality our Explorers lives as they navigate between academics settings and the natural environment. With just 3 minutes for each video we had to ensure every second counted. In the second vignette, we feature Stan Shea’s community engagement work as he raises awareness around marine conservation and sustainable consumption in Hong Kong.


Watch the first vignette with Dr. Jonathan Cybulski here.

Watch the third vignette with Laurel Chor here.

Our Role


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