ROBBi Collaboration

The Brief

Carbon partnered with digital marketing agency, Red Ant to create a captivating animated video for the collaboration between historic fragrance brand Creed and Chinese Art Toy sensation ROBBi. Our task was to create a story that would marry this ultra-luxury fragrance brand, and its heritage, with one of China’s hottest pop-art toy characters. Initially intended exclusively for the Chinese market, the final video was launched as a global campaign during CNY 2023.

Our Solution

Using sophisticated simulation techniques we develop a story that tells of a mythical horse that roams the barren lands of a faraway planet. As the majestic creature bounds from plain to plain, it breathes life into the planet, adorning the land in endless beauty. ROBBi, an explorer of this planet, spies the horse and sets chase. As the dance of their chase concludes the creature morphs into Creed’s fragrance – Silver Mountain Water. The horse is a metaphor that represents the exquisite beauty and power of Creed fragrances.

Our Role


  • Socials
  • Website
  • In-store Display
  • Tmall